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Mission Profile

My mission is to visit every physical, permanent Vietnam specific memorial in the 50 United States that I can find, offering spiritual and emotional support along the way to all who wish it, while raising funds for a host of Veteran causes and resources who provide valuable support daily for those veterans most in need.

As of January 31,2012, I have located more than 747 Vietnam Specific memorials in 49 states and expect more to be added as they are located and verified.

Putting aside the national memorial in Washington D.C., the single most visited site in the Nation’s capital, these memorials feature a vast array of creativity, emotion, angst, anger and hope and range in size and styles ranging from a simple brass plaque honoring a single veteran’s sacrifice (Grass Valley and Nevada City in California; Atlanta, Georgia), to an entire city block (Kansas City). From a simple stele in a park or next to a city hall to a chapel/museum (Angel Fire, New Mexico).

They honor single soldiers, units, missions, city and state sacrifices. They honor not only the military but also the student movement against the war in the same memorial(Colorado State University). There is a joint American/Vietnamese memorial in Westminister, California. There seems to be no end to what we choose to remember and honor.

My intention and challenge is to visit each and every one of these memorials in the course of a calendar year.

The tour’s itinerary is included in this web site. I encourage all of you to come out and join me along the way. It will be my privilege to get to know you, even a little bit.